Managed Service Provider



Managed Services relieves the stresses of many IT tasks that can take away from your company's business goals. Why invest in new hardware, software and training? If you have an IT Team, why not allow them to focus on more important tasks that will advance your company and give you the leg-up on the competition? If you don't have an IT Department, why commit your team's precious time trying to manage back-end tasks while still fulfilling their primary job function? With GSS Managed Services, your Team can concentrate on the things that you do well.

As the economy has experienced a downturn, many businesses have felt the impact. Capital expenses have been reduced with companies looking to save anywhere they can, while investing as little resources as possible. This is where GSS can help. Instead of managing Services in-house, let GSS take care of it for you. Many of the Managed Services we provide allow a nearly uninterrupted workflow and in many cases, proactively protect you from unforeseeable events. We have dedicated Teams that sleep and breathe these specialized areas.

Key Benefits include:

+ no capital expenditures - hardware or software
+ reduced overhead - cut down on IT resources
+ have someone else maintain licenses, updates, patches - on their time
+ a predictable, fixed bill month-to-month
+ 24 / 7 proactive monitoring and management
+ technical liaison to vendors

Since we are committed to making this new direction work, we have dedicated resources to the task. We are still invested in all our current Service offerings so we have dedicated a Team, within our organization to take on the task. We are adding further value to our current client base, as well as reaching for new opportunities. If you haven't considered us for your IT needs in the past, please take a look at GSS again. We can work with your IT Department and help them realize the benefits of moving services off-site.

GSS Service offerings include:

+ Managed Security (E-mail Defense, E-mail Archiving, Web Defense)
+ Hosted Microsoft Solutions (Exchange Server, SharePoint)
+ Help Desk 24 / 7 - 365
+ Remote Monitoring and Management (client, servers, printers - basically anything on your network)
+ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
+ Online Storage and Backup